2017 Footy Stars AFL


2017 Footy Stars AFL

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Flying off shelves in newsagents, servos, milk bars and your local footy club, this set has really hit the mark for all collectors alike. The inclusion of two inserts per pack means you will always get something out of your $2.99, and you hope that something is a Brownlow Predictor, Platinum Stand-up or Starburst Caricature. There are plenty of sets for collectors young and old to chase in this product, and the revival of the stand-up card is a novel touch.

If you are a true set collector, the 2017 AFL Footy Stars set is for you. If you are looking to make a quick buck from the inserts, be quick, as the market will probably be flooded very soon. Unless you have a Dangerfield Brownlow Predictor, maybe hold on to that one…

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