2018-19 Impeccable Basketball


2018-19 Impeccable Basketball General Information

The inclusion of Impeccable Basketball in the 2016-17 NBA season was a welcome sight. It brought with it some amazing new card designs, an artistic card design, and the chance to literally strike gold with the NBA Logo cards! Returning again for it’s third year 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball has once again continued these key design aspects and improved upon them with some fantastic looking cards.

One of the biggest selling points for 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball is that all autographs are on-card. No stickers to be seen here. Coupling this with the fantastic design and decent amount of jersey and patch autograph sets makes it a very popular product for higher end collectors. There is no doubt that this is not a cheap product, and the 3 box per case configuration further confirms its position in the release hierarchy. But out of those 3 boxes per case you will be delivered 15 autographs, 2 Stainless Steel cards and one Gold or Silver NBA Logo card.

The Silver (/22) and Gold (/10) NBA Logo Cards are always hot property, especially the rookie versions. The Gold set features only 15 players including DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley III, Luka Doncic, Trae Young and Kevin Knox from the 2018 Rookie Class, whilst there are 100 players in the Silver set. The Stainless Stars set covers 25 different players across a variety of teams, but various teams will miss out completely on hits in this set as some teams have multiple players (Phoenix for example). Also be on the lookout for the tag autograph 1/1 variations which are typically stunning due to the platinum reflective coating.

Ultimately 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball has once again delivered a fantastic higher end product that will no doubt be a favorite with collectors, and provide ample opportunity to hit some amazing cards. The overall design aesthetic matches the price label and Panini have done a great job yet again in delivering one of the best releases in the NBA line-up.

Release Date

20th February 2019

Direct Checklists, Team and Player Hit Links

2018-19 Impeccable Basketball Team Hit Information and Player Hit Information is now available. See below for direct links:

Team Hit Information
Player Hit Information

Product Packout

  • 3 Boxes Per Case
  • 1 Packs Per Box
  • 9 Cards Per Pack

Box Packout

  • 5 Autographed Cards
  • 1 Blind-Wrapped Silver Logo, Gold Logo, Stainless Stars or Stainless Stars Autograph

2018-19 Impeccable Basketball Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet (PDF)

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