2017 Torque Racing


2017 Torque Racing

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General Information:

Panini Torque Racing has to be one of the most unique card sets on the market. Not only does it include the usual mix of Autos, Memorabilia and Auto + Memorabilia cards, it takes things a step further by including swatches from all areas of racing. Look for pieces of firesuits, gloves, shows, hats, sheet metal and tires!! Combining such unique memorabilia pieces is sure to make this set very collectable for many years to.

Each card set features a range of parallels including Blue #d/99 or less, Red #d/49 or less, Green #d/25 or less and Purple #d/10 or less. Various sets include the ever sought after on-card autographs, and each inner case features at least one auto from a Top 5 driver. Torque Racing looks like it will be a massive hit with the collectors due to it providing such an up close experience with all facets of Racing.

Product Packout:

16 Boxes per Master Case
8 Boxes per Inner Case
5 Packs per Box
10 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

3 Autographs per Box
2 Memorabilia per Box
1 Clear Vision Insert per Box
4 Inserts per Box
5 Parallels per Box

Case Hits:

Find one Auto from a Top 5 Driver per Inner Case

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