Revolution (17-18) Basketball


Revolution (17-18) Basketball

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General Information:

It’s time to get retro again with the release of Panini Revolution 17-18 hitting stores this Friday, 05 Jan 18. Whilst not rich in autos (6 per master case of 16 boxes) the main chase for this release is the Galactic parallels, in particular the Rookie variations. This years release features some new variations Groove, Impact, Cubic and Lava as well as the usual Cosmic, Fractal and Sunburst cards making the set chase enormous if you are up to the task!

The autos are all on card, and feature the rookies in the NBA uniforms which make them highly sought after. I expect to see this product getting the usual attention from collectors, but many people will avoid it due to the heavy insert/parallel content instead of memorabilia and autographs.

Product Packout:

16 Boxes per Master Case / 8 Boxes per Inner Case
8 Packs per Box
5 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

6 Autographs per 16 Boxes
4 Rookie Cards per Box
2 Inserts per Box
8 Parallels per Box

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