Prizm (17-18) Basketball


Prizm (17-18) Basketball

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General Information:

Its here! One of the most hotly anticipated releases for the 2017-18 season is out and Prizm Basketball has once again shown that it’s not all about the autos and patches. Silver Prizm RCs are set to dominate the market, due to the surge in value over the recent years and especially the last few months. Having just busted a case of this myself I can say it is a great looking product and a lot of fun to break. This year sees a reduction in the number of inserts and color variations, however hobby boxes still produce 2 autos and an array of Prizm variations. It seems that you will hit at least one Silver Prizm RC per box with some holding more than others.

Whilst not the focus of this product, the autos are for the most part stickers, however Kobe, Shaq and KD have been sighted with on-card autos making them great additions to an already value packed release. If you have managed to get some already, congratulations and happy busting. For those waiting on group breaks or loose packs, be ready to fight for them as they are going to be hot property!!

Product Packout:


12 Boxes per Case
12 Packs per Box
12 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

2 Autographs per Box
10 Inserts per Box
22 Prizm Parallels per Box

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