2018-19 Absolute Basketball


2018-19 Absolute Basketball General Information

Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary, 2018-19 Absolute Basketball will once again feature as an early season release featuring the ever popular Tools of the Trade Autograph and Memorabilia set, as well as the much sought after Draft Day Ink on card autographs of the 2018 NBA Rookie Class. To further celebrate 10 years in the NBA line-up, the uncirculated base cards will feature a Gold /10 variation instead of the /8 maroon from last year. Further additions to the set are the 10th Anniversary Auto and Hoopla sets which are all on-card autos. The sell sheet below shows Steph Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo, so hopefully that calibre of signers carries though to the final release.

One of the absolute (pun intended) favourites of this release will again return, that is the Glass cards, which will feature the 25 of the top NBA veterans and rookies. Looking at last years checklist this is likely to include a couple of retired legends as well seeing as Bird, Kobe, Shaq and Pippen all featured in the 2017-18 release. The continued inclusion of the Draft Day Ink autographs add additional value to this release, as they are some of the first on-card autos of each rookie and appear to be limited to just 10 per player this year.

The Tools of the Trade Autograph and Memorabilia cards are a big part of this release, and whilst they feature sticker autographs, the lower number variations will include fantastic patches and even jersey tags in the 1/1 variations. There will be 3, 4 and 6 swatch signature variations in the set and after a year of jersey only swatches, 2018-19 Absolute Basketball will see the return of hat and ball pieces as well.

Representing great value, 2018-19 Absolute Basketball offers collectors a no filler product that does away with the myriad of base and insert cards a lot of the early season releases typically include. Check back here for more information including Checklists and images as they become available closer to the release date.

Release Date

30th November 2018

Direct Checklists, Team and Player Hit Links

2018-19 Absolute Basketball Team Hit Information and Player Hit Information is now available. See below for direct links:

Team Hit Information
Player Hit Information

Product Packout

  • 10 Boxes Per Case
  • 2 Packs Per Box
  • 3 Cards Per Pack

Box Packout

  • 2 Autographs Per Box
  • 2 Memorabilia Per Box
  • 2 Uncirculated Base (1 Rookie and 1 Veteran)

2018-19 Absolute Basketball Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet (PDF)

2018-19 Absolute Basketball Preview Image Gallery

2018-19 Absolute Draft Day Ink

2018-19 Absolute Basketball Image Gallery

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