2018-19 Status Basketball


2018-19 Status Basketball General Information

Despite Panini advising that Status had been removed from the release calendar in for the 2018-19 season, it looks like a retail exclusive version will in fact make its way into the market. There is no indication of the release date as yet but the checklist for 2018-19 Status Basketball has already been released by Panini and is now available on 130 Point via the direct links below.

A quick review of the checklist shows that the Draft Night Autographs are still included, but only the /32 versions with no short print run variations available this year. Other key subsets include the Freshman Signatures in the Gold (/10), Pink (/25) and base (Not #d) variations as well as the New Breed Autographs in the Gold (/10), Pink (/25) and base (Not #d) variations. Keep in mind though this is a retail product which means the print run will be large and pulling a low numbered autograph will be difficult. The sets do include cards for Luka Doncic, Trae Young, DeAndre Ayton, Jaren Jackson Jr, Marvin Bagley Jr and all the other key 2018-19 rookies.

Keep an eye out in your local Walmart, Target or similar hyper mart store as it is expected that 2018-19 Status Basketball will appear soon and is likely to be snapped up quickly when it does!

Release Date

TBA on information is released by Panini

Direct Checklists, Team and Player Hit Links

2018-19 Status Basketball Team Hit Information and Player Hit Information is now available. See below for direct links:

Team Hit Information
Player Hit Information

Product Packout

  • TBA on information is released by Panini

Box Packout

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