Excalibur (16-17) Basketball


Excalibur (16-17) Basketball

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General Information:

Returning again in 2016-17, Panini Excalibur brings with it the unmistakable medieval theme and the ever popular Kaboom inserts. Look for the Jousting inserts where you can pair your favorite player with left and right card designs, or hunt down the Crusade inserts which fall approximately 10 per box and include silver and colour variations of Blue #d/149, Red #d/99, Purple #d/49, Orange #d/25, Gold #d/10 and Black 1/1s.

A new addition to this years release is the Apprentice Signature Shield set which features autographs from the 2016 Rookie Class coupled with a jersey or patch depending on how lucky you are! The Prime variations are likely to be one of the most sought after sets in this release along with the Kaboom’s which always do well on the secondary market.

Unfortunately Excalibur is purely sticker autos, but at the price point it sells for this is to be expected. Conversely each box contains two Autos and one Memorabilia card so all is not lost my liege!

Product Packout:

16 Boxes per Case
20 Packs per Box
8 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

2 Autographs per Box
1 Memorabilia per Box

Case Hits:

1 Kaboom Card per Case on Average

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