Spectra (16-17) Basketball


Spectra (16-17) Basketball

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General Information:

Spectra Basketball is back again in 2017 with its unmistakable design and jersey/patch auto focus. This years release has taken design elements from Spectra Soccer and Football resulting in eye-popping prizm designs and a wide palette of colour variations.

Aqua blue base variations numbered to 60, purple to 49, green die-cut to 25 and a distinctive black/purple 1/1 are all available this year to go with the myriad of jersey and patch auto sets. Front and centre is the Rookies, with this years design featuring horizontal RPAs for the /49 and below variations (/25, /10 and /1) as well as on-card autos. The remainder of the set is predominantly sticker autos aside from the Spectacular Swatches set which has adopted on-card autographs.

With the checklist due to be released shortly, the anticipation is growing as collectors look to see what players will make up each set. Despite this, Spectra will once again be a fan favourite for many collectors and expect to see some great cards appear in the first week of release.

Further information regarding signers and set breakdowns will be posted once the checklist is released so check back soon!

Product Packout:

6 Boxes per Case
1 Packs per Box
10 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

7 Autograph or Memorabilia cards per Box
3 Base or Parallels cards per Box

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