Impeccable (16-17) Basketball


Impeccable (16-17) Basketball

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General Information:

A new release for the 2016-17 season sees the Impeccable brand transition from the NFL stable across to the NBA, with what looks to be a very well designed product with great card designs. The inclusion of one Gold or Silver metal ingot card per case is likely to highly sought after with only 16 silver cards available for each player in the set. Furthermore the gold card are limited to 10 cards, 10 players and 100 in the entire release, so expect them to fetch big money on the secondary market! Expect them to fall at about 1 per 17 cases though…

Impeccable (16-17) Basketball drops on the 20 Sep 17 so keep your eye out for it!

Product Packout:

3 Boxes per Case
1 Pack per Box
8 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

5 Autographs per Box including one Rookie Auto
1 Gold or Silver Ingot Card per Case
3 Base Cards per Box

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