Hoops (17-18) Basketball


Hoops (17-18) Basketball

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General Information:

Once again Hoops Basketball is back to kick off the year for collectors as the first NBA release containing cards of the 2017 Rookie Class. This product has sold out quicker than 16-17 Flawless and is the start of a frenzied year of releases due to the high expectations placed on this Rookie crop.

Whilst Hoops is very much the entry level set from Panini, there is no doubt that there will be some decent value to be found if you happen to find an auto or low numbered variant of a sought after Rookie. I expect to see Lonzo Ball autos selling for $100-$200US from release day, but for set collectors Hoops (17-18) offers a great opportunity to start early in the season. With 2 autos and 24 inserts or parallels per box on average, the options are a plenty. If you manage to hit on of the Red Hot Signatures Rookies numbered to only 25, consider yourself lucky as they will be the cards to have from the set.

Product Packout:

20 Boxes per Case
24 Packs per Box
8 Cards per Pack

Box Packout:

2 Autographs per Box
24 Inserts or Parallels per Box

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