ShipMyCards US Mailbox Service


ShipMyCards US Mailbox Service

I don’t often promote many services or sites here on 130 Point, but in this instance I am more than happy to make an exception. I personally use the ShipMyCards US mailbox service and I can’t speak highly enough of Bryan, Xochitl and the Wells family who work tirelessly to provide a fantastic service to international collections.

Some of the services they provide include:

  • US mailbox address for international collectors to send card purchases to and have them stored safely.
  • Website that allows users to see all their cards in their mailbox, request shipment, send cards for grading, buy products & supplies, and more.
  • International shipping via numerous carriage services including their exclusive discount rates with FedEx.
  • Consign your cards for auction via one of the worlds largest eBay sellers PWCC.

To set up an account simply visit an sign-up as a new user. I also suggest joining their Facebook group to keep up to date on all the latest.