2018 Kaboom Multi Sport Inserts


2018 Kaboom Multi Sport Released Through Panini Rewards

As detailed in their Blog, Panini America are set to release a limited edition 2018 Kaboom Multi Sport set via their rewards site at 3pm CST on Friday 14th December. Featuring a checklist of 50 top players from the NBA, NFL, MLB and Soccer it is certain that these items wont last long! Each pack will cost 2500 rewards points and feature 2 random Kaboom inserts and each household will be limited to 5 packs. In addition to the standard silver base version there will also be Gold (/10) and Green (/1) variations inserted randomly, meaning that collectors will be hoping to find one of the rarer parallels when they get their packs.

The Kaboom insert has always been a favourite of the NBA release calendar, and has recently found its way across to Soccer releases, but this dedicated release gives collectors who have excess points a chance to get something a little more valuable than the majority of cards available on the rewards site. I expect these to sell out quickly despite the per household limitation.


2018 Kaboom Checklist

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