2018-19 Revolution Basketball


2018-19 Revolution Basketball General Information

Returning again this year is one of the staples of the Basketball release calendar for the past few years, and 2018-19 Revolution Basketball has retained the key elemtns that make it a favourite for collectors, young and old alike. This year sees it bringing with it the first on card autographs of the 2018 Rookie class in theie team uniforms, with all releases up until now being sticker autographs for when they are wearing team jerseys. Expect to see 2-3 Rookie autos per case with numbered variations including the /25 Infinite and 1/1 Kaliedo. But it’s not just the Rookie autos in this release, they have been coupled with a strong list of veteran and HOF players Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller and Allen Iverson.

But there is no doubt what the chase cards in 2018-19 Revolution Basketball are, that is the Galactic Rookie parallel insert. Always the most sought after cards in this release, with pack odds of less than one per case for any variation let alone the rookies, ensures that they hold high value on the secondary market. Other card variations include the Cosmic (/100), Sunburst (/75), Cubic (/50) and Lava (/10).

Below you will find various information for 2018-19 Revolution Basketball including Checklists, Team Hit Information, Player Hit Information, Product Packout, Box Packout as well as the Product Sell Sheet (where available) coupled with preview and quality control images for the release. Each Checklist details all the cards in the set and includes a search function, column ordering and export options in various formats (CSV, PDF, Excel and Copy). The Team and Player Hit Information provides a detailed breakdown of the number of hits (numbered cards) per Team and Player in the release. This covers Total Hits, Autographs, Memorabilia, Autograph + Memorabilia and Base/Insert cards. A direct link from each Team/Player label to their respective set checklists are also included for ease of navigation. The Product Packout section details the number of boxes per case and packs per box and the Box Packout section outlines the number of hits per box based on the manufacturers specified ratios.

Release Date

12 December 2018

Direct Checklists, Team and Player Hit Links

2018-19 Revolution Basketball Team Hit Information and Player Hit Information is now available. See below for direct links:

Team Hit Information
Player Hit Information

Product Packout

  • 16 Boxes Per Master Case
  • 8 Boxes Per Inner Case
  • 8 Packs Per Box
  • 5 Cards Per Pack

Box Packout

  • 6 Autographs Per 16 Box Master Case on Average
  • 4 Rookie Cards Per Box
  • 4 Inserts Per Box
  • 8 Parallels Per Box

2018-19 Revolution Basketball Sell Sheet


2018-19 Revolution Basketball Preview Image Gallery

2018-19 Revolution Basketball Image Gallery

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