2017 Aficionado Soccer


2017 Aficionado Soccer

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Following on from the successful release of Aficionado Basketball comes Aficionado Soccer. Featuring the horizontally orientated, two-image fronts only seen in the Aficionado product along with an assortment of Artist Proof variations including the Purple /99, Bronze /49 and First Kick sets.

The Global Reach subset features some of the world’s most prestigious talents and the Heroes set plays homage to the legends of the sport. Other inserts include Power Surge, Magic Numbers, Craftwork, Forza and Meteor sets.

Signatures are a plenty with the Endorsements, International Ink and First Impressions providing an opportunity to hit an auto of some of todays superstars, and legends of the past. This is complemented by the Single and Dual Authentic memorabilia sets which include patch variations.

All in all Aficionado Soccer offers a lot for both the set collector and autograph/memorabilia collector alike.

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